Life & Stress

What do you think are the top 20 stressful things that happen in life are?


Research has shown the 20 Major Stressors in Life are:

  1. Death of a family member
  2. Terminal illness (one’s own or a family member)stressed mom
  3. Physical incapacitation, chronic pain, or chronic illness
  4. Drug or alcohol abuse (self)
  5. Drug or alcohol abuse (family member, partner)
  6. Divorce
  7. Marriage
  8. Loss of job or job change
  9. Moving house
  10. Change of school (primarily for children or teens, but this can effect adults, too)
  11. Primary relationship problems (spouse or parent/child/sibling)
  12. Persistent Relationship Problems, non-primary (difficulties with other family members, conflict and loss of friends, difficulties with coworkers)
  13. Academic problems (poor grades, inability to retain information, problems with teachers, unable to meet deadlines)
  14. Occupational problems (lateness, absences, problems with boss or coworkers)
  15. Victim of abuse
  16. Victim of crime
  17. Criminal actions towards others
  18. Abusive actions towards self or others
  19. Extreme loneliness/lack of community membership or friendships
  20. Severe financial problems (including tax problems!)


Referenced from Richard Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC & C.R. Zwolinski


How many did you get right?

More importantly, how many have you experienced in the last year?

Losing your job is number 7.  Unfortunately, for many people experiencing one stressor leads to another stressor and even another.  Unemployment often leads to money problems which leads to stress in your marriage…..

Life is stressful no doubt.  The key to a happier life is to learn to handle your stress better.

Have you ever stopped to think about how you experience stress?

Do you have any of these stress symptoms?  Anxiety, fear, panic, insomnia, mental confusion, hysteria, depression that doesn’t seem to lift, and more can be triggered by major (and in some cases, minor) stressful events.

These symptoms can be experienced at many different levels.  Many of them are normal when experienced mildly but some may be experiencing them at a great level.  If your stress symptoms have gotten to the point where they are affecting your ability to live a mostly normal life it is time to seek medical attention.

If your symptoms are mild you might try some of these stress relievers: yoga, breath work, exercise, meditation, prayer, making time for family leisure activities, spend time in nature, music, or art.


What other things have you found help you relieve stress?

As a life coach I have one additional idea that might make a big difference in your life.  Check out this TED talk and see how it impacts your ability to handle this season of your life.

I would love to have you comment below how implementing the method from the TED talk has helped you deal with being life or even unemployed.